4 Bathroom Designs to Avoid in an Investment Property

Monday, May 7, 2018

Investors who purchase homes that need a little TLC often are forced to become interior designers in a pinch while renovating rooms like a bathroom. Working within budgets, space, and functional constraints can make this a heady task.

One of the most difficult rooms to complete for investors is the bathroom. With so much variety in design and functionality, renovating this room can run budgets through the roof if not properly managed. Renters are looking for function and design, but in the long run what is more important? The simple answer is ROI, Return on Investment. When budgeting for bathroom design, here are some choices to avoid in an investment property to maximize Return on Investment.

White-Out Bathrooms

white bathroom

The rise of certain TV shows has made all-white bathrooms a very popular design trend. The clean, crisp look of an updated bathroom gives the area a spa-like feel. This is a great option for some homeowners, but for investment properties, it can cost more in the long run. White bathrooms can be extremely hard to keep clean, even for the best of neat freaks. Cracks and crevices show debris and are difficult to extract. If the renters are not the cleanest, this can create an even bigger headache during deep cleanings. In an effort to blend design and longevity, consider a vinyl plank that mimics wood for durability and to stand the test of time during use. This creates the “it” factor without the complete white out of the room.

Retro Design

The 60’s have made a comeback in style and home design. Mustard yellows, greens, and orange are showing up in more homes. Although this may have the “it” factor for a few years, ten years from now it is likely this will look as tacky as you thought your grandma’s living room looked twenty years ago. Avoid the fad and go with more timeless pieces such as neutral vanities. If these colors must be integrated, go with paint color as this is usually the most affordable way to bring a little funk into a room.

Large Bathtubs


Large bathtubs and soakers are great ways to relax and turn your bathroom into a spa sanctuary, but are they functional for all possible renters? These tubs take up large amounts of functional space in bathrooms and take away from storage and daily use. Not all renters may have use for a large tub, especially when renting to larger families. Consider adding dual vanity space to a rental as opposed to a large soaker tub. Bathtubs are available with a larger lip to create a more spacious tub, without taking away from the square footage of the room.

Nickel Finishes

Remember all the bronze finishes from the 1990’s? There is a good chance that nickel will go down the same drain as bronze. These fixtures may seem sophisticated for a while, but in future years these may seem tacky and draw renters away. Stick with quality, but neutral finishes such as chrome or dark black.


Avoiding trendy fads and integrating alternatives that create a sophisticated and functional design is the best way to increase your ROI for years to come and keep maintenance costs at a minimum. Shop your local store for the best rental options on the market!

About The Author

Lynn Black is a graduate of Christopher Newport University with over a decade of experience in marketing strategies and content writing. She is a military spouse to a member of the United States Coast Guard. Lynn has experience completing DIY projects and will be tackling an upcoming home renovation using Bargain Outlet products.