Bring Home Value With Bathroom Vanities to Fit Any Budget

Alethea M | Saturday, July 27, 2019

If you are like most homeowners, the bathroom is one of the most used spaces in the home. Perhaps you want something special in this space — something more than a normal bath vanity to house your sink. You can get more while spending less when you consider our collection of bath vanities. 

Fully Assembled Bath Vanities

Chatham Shaker Vanity
Chatham Shaker Vanity

Each of the bath vanities in this collection comes fully assembled (no bathroom vanity plans to follow!). You can choose from a wide range of finishes — from contemporary to classically traditional. Best of all, the fully assembled nature of these pieces means you can install them yourself or choose to have a contractor do it. No building involved! Each vanity allows for an undermount sink to be attached and provides the hardware you need to connect your sink and faucet. All vanities feature a solid granite countertop for a clear luxury finish to add value to your bathroom. Each of the pieces is made with a solid construction, utilizing high-quality MDF wood boards for a durable build. You can trust your bath vanity to last for a long time. The limited lifetime warranty protects you against any materials or craftsmanship issues you might find. 

Handcrafted Finishes

Elements Vanity - Douglas
Elements Vanity - Douglas

A big selling point for most home updates comes from a quality finish that isn't straight from the big-box stores. People want something unexpected and unique in their homes, but they also want something well-made that is going to last (not a DIY bathroom vanity). The various styles of these Elements vanity pieces are all hand painted in a pain-staking process of layering the finishes for a rich coating. Not only will these items come with a warranty, but this handcrafted approach provides a quality item that is unique for your home. Small bathroom vanity ideas include:

  • The buttercream finish with antique crackle is an example of a hand-painted piece that provides old-world charm. This vanity might go well in a bathroom of a historic home or shabby chic-themed design.
  • A smooth nutmeg or walnut finish has a slightly more contemporary feel and might go well in a bathroom design based on florals or a Zen-style atmosphere.
  • A decorative piece with scrolled feet and showy flourishes in a traditional style is great for upgrading a high-class historical or Victorian home.

Maximum Storage

We know most homeowners like you crave great storage. Each of the vanities features full extension glides and tries to make the most of its allotted internal space. Choose from standalone bath vanities that provide drawers and cabinet space for your bathroom design solutions. Every upgrade should offer more space and (more importantly) efficient design. The right bath vanity is going to fit your space and give you the ideal space for storing your typical bath and cosmetic items.


Whether you need faucets or light fixtures, we offer great items at guaranteed low prices. Come visit us today to see exactly what we have to offer!

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