Family Bathroom Design to Maximize Efficiency

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

As your family grows and evolves, you may find your home's bathroom at the center of a lot of territorial disputes. The parents need to get ready for work, teenagers for school, and toddlers potty-training may create a mess if they can't get into the bathroom on time. Are you ready for a change? This kind of upgrade comes on a sliding-scale budget. On the low end, you can create a family bathroom schedule and install a few easily affordable upgrades in your existing room. On the higher end, you may find it worthwhile to remodel your home with a new half or full bath.

Kid-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades

kids brushing teeth

Small children may struggle to reach the toilet and sink. You can invest in a step stool or pullout step with a hinged top (doubling as a storage area).

  • Consider installing a locking cabinet or storage space up high. This lets you keep medications and cleaning chemicals in the room without risk of curious young kids getting into them.
  • Install an adjustable-height or handheld showerhead so short and tall members of the household can coexist peacefully.
  • To add style and protect the walls from destructive young children, install wainscoting. When the kids are old enough, you can take it down to give your bathroom a fresh new look.

Storage Solutions

Compton White Vanity
  • Create a bin, drawer, or shelf for each member of your household. This will help prevent clutter from spreading across the counter space like beached fish after a high tide.
  • Don't forget odd spaces such as corners or above the water heater. You can have cabinets and shelving custom-made for these unused gaps, dramatically increasing the storage potential in the bathroom.
  • Install a shelf with toothbrush holders and towel hooks along the edge. Break out the label maker and put everyone's name next to their towel and toiletry area.
  • Store some items outside of the bathroom in a nearby closet. This lets you keep a minimum of bulky towels in the room and free up badly needed space.

Add Another Bath

Bathroom Scene

It's pricier, but you can always go for a more extensive bathroom renovation.

  • Install a two-person sink. Keep in mind that this will reduce available countertop space.
  • Consider adding a half bath. If you can squeeze an extra toilet and sink into the house, you'll take a lot of pressure out of the morning rush out the door.
  • If that's not an option, divide your existing bathroom. Install a wall and door between the toilet/sink area and the shower, letting two people use the space at the same time.

Streamline Your Bathroom Routines

Want a zero-budget solution? Have a family sit-down and work out a bathroom use schedule that everyone can live with. Build in time slots for people to shower, brush their teeth, etc. See if anyone's willing to switch from a morning to an evening shower, and ask them to fix hair and makeup in their own rooms. Post the schedule on the bathroom door and refer to it when the inevitable arguments break out.

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