Moulding & Wood Products

Not only do moulding and trim embellish your home with beautifully constructed edges, but they protect your walls from damage while masking any imperfections between the floor and wall. Including floor moulding in your home means accidental kicks from your children and the pushing and rearranging of furniture won't result in scuff marks on your perfectly painted walls. Plus, you can assure that your DIY mistakes on the edges of your floors and walls will go unnoticed.

Moulding & Trim

Choose Your Moulding

Whether you are looking to install floor moulding, door moulding, or even ceiling moulding, it helps to get a better understanding of the different types available to you. You should know the distinguishing factors between casing, baseboard, and crown moulding styles.

Casing, commonly used for lining doors or windows, is thicker in dimension but not as wide as base moulding. Base moulding, on the other hand, is to be placed between the floors and walls. The trim between your ceiling and walls refers to crown moulding and is usually more elaborate in design than baseboard or casing.

For each type of moulding, there are several designs to choose from. At Barton's Home, we offer solid wood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF), allowing you to choose what accommodates your preferences. MDF reacts better with humidity and heat, while solid wood is more durable. Both are strong alternatives for any of your moulding and trim needs.